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How to add an item to the POS

There are several ways to add an item to the sale:


Type the item description, item number or barcode

Simply type the item description, item number or item barcode in the item input field and the item is added to the list.



Use the menus

There are two item menus visible on the POS by default; My Items and All Items. My Items are the items that the user has added to their list in the role center, and All Items are all items in the system. For more information see My Lists


Filtered menus can also be created and accessed in the same way as regular menus. For more information see Filtered Item Lists


The menus show the item, the quantity on hand and the item price excluding tax.



To add an item to the sale from the menu simply select the item. Once an item has been selected the counter will increase by one, and therefore the item can simply be selected again to increase the quantity.



After adding the items select to go back to the POS.


Note: The Item card can be accessed from the Item list by simply selecting the item and pressing down to open the details menu, and select to open the item card.




Scan a barcode

With a scanner simply scan the barcode, and if the barcode is linked to an item, the item will be added to the sale.

See Barcodes for more information on how to set up the barcodes.


Note: The focus must be on the input field when scanning.