How to receive payments on the POS

Once the payment methods have been set up they are accessible from the POS from the Pay action, both from the tile and from the actions menu.


In order to register a payment simply press the Pay action and select which type of payment is used.




Once the payment has been registered - and the amount owed is fulfilled - the sale will post and the POS will be ready for the next sale.


Multiple payments

It is possible to register multiple payments for the same sale. For example, if the total is 150 and the customer wants to split the payment in two, simply select the payment method and enter the first amount and post it, then select the payment method to post the second amount. The POS will suggest the amount left.


Deleting a payment line

In case the payment registered was not correct, select the Total Balance action on the POS. Here you will see all the payments registered on the sale. Select the payment that was incorrect and delete it.



Once finished, select Pay from the POS and register the correct payment.