LS Express supports item barcodes.


How to set a barcode on an item

Select the action menu from the item card and click Barcodes.



Add a new barcode.



Note that an item can have many barcodes, but a barcode can only be linked to one item and the barcode can point to a selected Unit of Measure code for the item.


How to scan an item barcode

Simply scan the barcode with a scanner, and if the barcode is linked to an item, the item will be added to the sale.

Note that the focus must be on the input field when scanning.




How to configure Quantity/Weight and price embedded Barcodes

In Administration select Barcode Configuration


Enter Configuration ID and description.


How the barcode is formed:

The barcode begins with a special prefix, following this prefix, a length of item identifier is employed, which identifies the type of merchandise. Then you select the value type, quantity or price, value length and decimal places.


How to assign barcode configuration to item

On the item page, select the Barcode Configuration ID from the LS Express section.



Then open the Barcodes for the item and create a new barcode which includes only the item identifier.




How to import multiple barcodes

When you have a great quantity of items, it can be handy to import multiple barcodes at the same time. LS Express supports importing barcodes from XML files. Navigate to the barcode list from the LS Express role center, Adminstration → Navigate → Barcodes.



From the barcode list, it is possible to import and export barcodes in XML files. The XML files should be in this format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

To import barcodes, simply click the Import Barcodes action.



Locate your barcode XML file and import it. Once you open your file, it is imported into LS Express and an informative notification is displayed.



Some barcodes might fail to import for some reason. To see why, click the View Failed Barcodes action.



Note that you can open the error list in Excel and make the necessary changes, and then import the failed barcodes again.

How to convert barcodes to XML

It is likely that your barcode information is not in XML format. We recommend using Microsoft Excel with XML mappings to convert an Excel file containing barcodes to XML. See this How to for more information.