LS Pay setup

LS Pay is an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) software solution that lets you accept card payments in LS Express. Using LS Pay with LS Express involves three key components:

  • Subscription. LS Pay must be included in your LS Express subscription. This lets you configure which payment methods require LS Pay authorization.
  • LS Pay app. Once you accept a payment with a payment method that has been configured to require LS Pay authorization, the authorization request is sent to the LS Pay app.
  • EFT terminal. The LS Pay app communicates with the EFT terminal that captures the card transaction.

Have a look at the sections below on how to configure each component.


Your subscription must include LS Pay. For more information on how to do that contact You can try out LS Pay in a Cronus demo company without adding it to your subscription. See LS Pay testing without a subscription for more information.

LS Pay app

The LS Pay app is available for Android and a Windows version is under development. Currently, the Android version cannot be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. To get access, please contact

EFT terminal

LS Pay is compatible with various Verifone POS terminals that support the Verifone Point protocol. LS Express has been successfully tested with the following devices:

If you wish to know if a particular device is supported by LS Pay, please contact

LS Pay testing without a subscription

It is possible to test LS Pay in a Cronus demo company without having a subscription: 

  1. From the LS Express role center, open the Administration page and select to Edit the page.
  2. The LS Pay Testing action on the Actions menu enables LS Pay in a testing environment.
    Note: This action is only visible in a Cronus demo company in a browser (not in the app).



  1. When you invoke the action, the current setting is displayed with an option to change it.



  1. When LS Pay Testing is enabled, the option to test against the LS Pay app is offered.


  1. If you choose not to test against the app, you can only test the LS Pay flow within LS Express. If, however, you choose to test against the LS Pay app, the app is invoked whenever a payment requires authorization, even if the app is not installed on the device in use.

How to set up the LS Pay app

Once you have the LS Pay app installed on the device you wish to use, you are ready to pair the app with the EFT terminal: 

  1. Open the app and a login screen appears. At this time the password is an unchangeable 1234.


  1. Once you're logged in the main screen is displayed.


Note: At this point, make sure that the device you are using and the EFT terminal you wish to pair are on the same network.


To configure a VerifonePoint device type: 

  1. Make sure the correct device type is selected in LS Pay in the Choose device type field.
  2. Tap Device Settings to configure the app for your EFT terminal.


  1. Enter all the settings:
    • When you turn on the terminal the IP address of the terminal is displayed.

    • Main Port: Default port is 5015.

    • SIP:econdary Port: Default port is 5016.

    • Timeout Value: This is the timeout between the app and the EFT terminal. Default is 10 seconds.

  1. Go back to the main screen, and tap Pair Device. A dialog box with a code for the EFT terminal is displayed.


  1. Enter the code into the EFT terminal to complete a successful pairing.


How to set up a payment method

Once LS Pay has been added to the subscription (or testing has been enabled), you must create a payment method in LS Express.

It is set up as any other payment method, but once LS Pay is activated, a check box is added to the payment methods setup. You must select this check box for the payment methods you wish to use with LS Pay.



Once you accept a payment with this payment method, the authorization is sent to the LS Pay app.

Accepting payment

Once LS Pay has been set up, it can be used with LS Express. See How to use LS Pay for more information.


A common pitfall when dealing with LS Pay in LS Express:

When I accept a LS Pay payment nothing happens

Or, a new empty tab is opened. This typically happens when the app is not installed on the device being used.