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Payment Methods

During setup the Cash payment method was automatically created.


How to add a new payment method

Go to the Payment Methods setup page and select New and the payment method card opens.


Select a payment method code or create a new code by selecting new in the list. For example, if you want to create a payment method for cards then we need to create a cards code and corresponding description, and select a balance account number.



Select the maximum overtender. The default is 0.00 which is unlimited overtender, but here it can be set to only allow 10 over the amount due, or if overtender should not be allowed then this is set to -1.

For our example we limit the overtender to 10.



If the payment method is a store credit method a checkmark is placed in the Store Credit field. For more information see below.


If the maximum overtender is not set to -1 and the payment method should give change in a different tender then select the tender to be used in the Change Tender Code. If nothing is selected then the default is to use the same payment method for the change amount.

For our example we want the change amount to be given with cash.



It is also possible to add a picture to the payment method. For more information see below.



How to set up the store credit payment method

The store credit payment method is used both when issuing store credit for returned goods, or when a customer returns with a store credit receipt and wants to use it as payment.

To set it up simply check the store credit field.



For more information on how to use store credit see here.



How to add a picture to a payment method

Select the Payment Method Picture and select to either import a new picture from file or - if the device allows it - take a picture.



Simply locate the image and upload it, and from now on when accepting payments on the POS you can simply click on the picture.