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Printing with PrintNode

The default behavior when printing from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition is that the printout is saved as a pdf document and needs to be opened in a pdf viewer before it can be opened. But, from version, LS Express can be set up to print directly to a receipt printer by using a 3rd party service: PrintNode.


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How to set up PrintNode with LS Express

The first step is to sign up for a PrintNode account on the PrintNode website,

Once an account has been created, download the PrintNode client (available for both Windows and OSX).



Once the client has been downloaded, install it on a computer that has access to the printer which will be used to print receipts on and sign in using the same account information as used to log into the PrintNode website.



How to set up in LS Express

From the Point of Sale role center, open the Administration tile.


PDF printing is selected by default.


On the PrintNode website, open the API tab, and copy the API Key (if a key has not been created, first create the key):



On the Printing tab, select PrintNode as the printing method and copy the API key to the „PrintNode API key“ field. Then select the printer to be used for printing in the PrintNode Printer Name field.


Once the printer has been selected LS Express will automatically print to the selected printer.



Note, if a new printer is added and is not visible in the list, the connection with PrintNode can be refreshed by selecting "Refresh Printers" from the actions menu.