Modify the Receipt Layout

It is easy to modify the layout of the POS receipt in Word.


Start by opening the Report Layout Selection from the Business Manager role center by opening Setup and Extensions, Manual Setup and then Report Layout Selection.



Locate the report that is to be modified (to view the LS Express reports simply enter "LSE" in the search field) and select Custom Layouts from the action menu.



Select to create a new custom report and check the "Insert Word Layout" field and press OK.



Select Export Layout and save it to your local computer.



Now you can do all the modifications you want in Microsoft Word, and once you are finished import it back into the system.


Once the report has been imported, open the Report Layout Selection window again, and select which layout to use; the Word (built-in) layout or the customized layout just imported.



Developer Tab

In order to be able to modify your receipts layout you must first make the developer tab visible in Word. To do this, navigate to the File tab in the top left corner and select Options. From the Word Options page, select Customize Ribbon from the menu and check the Developer checkbox from the Main Tabs menu.



The Developer tab will now be visible in your Word ribbon bar.



For more information on how to show the developer tab, click here.


Adding new fields

Now that you have opened your receipt template in Word, you can make the modifications you would like. You can make simple modifications directly in the Word document, but to add new functionality to the receipt you must add new fields to the template. In order to add fields, select XML Mapping Pane under the Developer tab. From the dropdown list in the XML Mapping pane, choose the custom XML part for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV report that you saved on your computer earlier, which is typically last in the list. The name of the custom XML part has the following format:




After opening the custom XML part for the receipt, expand the header and you will see a list of fields that you can choose from to customize your receipt. In order to add a field to your receipt, select the area on the receipt where you would like to add a field and then, from the Header tab in the XML Mapping pane, right click the field you want to add, choose Insert Content Control and select Plain Text. The field will now be added to the receipt in the location you selected.



For more in-depth help on how to add fields to a Word Report Layout, click here.



I want my receipt to say "You were assisted by" instead of "Staff: " on my invoice POS slip. I export it to my local computer and open it with Microsoft Word. Then I simply edit the wording:



After exporting the report back into LS Express I test my customized report by running it and compare the difference.




For detailed instructions on how to modify receipt layouts please visit the MSDN website