When setting up LS Express for the first time a default drawer was added automatically.


LS Express supports multiple drawers. If for instance a store has three drawers in the store the sales associate can simply choose at checkout the drawer that will be receiving the payment, as the system will ask them for every transaction.


How to add a new drawer

In order to add more drawers to the point of sale application go to Setup and then to Drawers. Select new and fill out the required information; Drawer ID and Description. The new drawer is then ready to use.

How to add / remove from drawer

From the point of sale application open the actions menu and select either Add to Drawer or Remove from Drawer. Fill out the required information; Drawer, Payment Method and Amount. These actions are recorded in the drawer overview accessible from the setup.

How to disable the drawer list at checkout

In many cases you don't want the staff to be selecting a drawer in every sale. It's possible to assign a drawer explicitly to a POS using sales profiles. See sales profile for details.